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Voyah Free

SUV Voyah
Fuel type Electric
Engine 693 PS
Year 2021, 2022, 2023
Transmission Automatic
Drive 4WD, AWD
Sedan N/A
Power reserve 475 KM
History N/A
Stock id 1500

Voyah Free Electric Vehicle Description

Voyah (we call it “Voyage”) is the high-end sub-brand of state-owned Dongfeng Corporation. In order to produce the Voyah model, the former Renault-Dongfeng joint venture Wuhan factory was renovated. The assembly plant’s production capacity will increase from 110 vehicles to 150,000 vehicles per year. In addition, the company plans to launch a new model of its high-end sub-brand every year. These plans include sedans, crossovers and minivans.

The Voyah Free crossover is available in hybrid and pure electric versions. Starting in autumn 2021, you can buy an electric car.

Features of Voyah Free Electric Vehicle

Voyah electric vehicles are produced on the modular platform ESSA (Electric Intelligent Safety Architecture), which includes an aluminum frame, front double-wishbone suspension and rear multi-link suspension. The Voyah Free also has front and rear air suspension springs.

The dimensions (length x width x height) of the Voyah Free crossover are 4905 x 1905 x 1660 mm respectively. The wheelbase is 2960 mm. The gap depends on the presence or absence of lungs. 163mm with it, 180mm without it. The trunk volume is 560-1320 liters, and the front trunk volume is 72 liters.

All Voyah Free trims feature an 88 kWh battery with heating and cooling capabilities.

Voyah marketers didn’t consider the configuration shorthand, so the results are long, but understandable:

The pure electric version is a basic but at the same time very valuable package. A 255 kW engine on the rear axle accelerates the car to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. According to NEDC working conditions, the cruising range on a single charge is 505 kilometers. The model features a front fascia with advanced multimedia that lifts up when the car is started. The basic version of Voyah Free already provides a full range of assistance functions: night vision, pedestrian detection, collision warning in all directions, sign recognition, lane recognition, adaptive cruise control, 360° camera, automatic parking, descent and ascent assist, ETC .

The all-electric City Edition offers all the same features plus a few options that city dwellers accustomed to comfort will appreciate. Air springs for the suspension, massaging seats and electric adjustment, an air purification system in the cabin, hi-fi, a dimmable panoramic roof and adaptive lighting are all already present here.

The Pure Electric Edition + Exclusive Luxury package adds another engine to the Voyah Free, resulting in all-wheel drive and an impressive 510 kW (693 hp and 1040 Nm of torque). From here, the acceleration time from 0 to 100 seconds is shortened to 4.7 seconds, but the cruising range drops to 475 kilometers. This is where the difference from the city version lies.

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