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BYD Song Pro

Fuel type Electric
Engine 184 PS
Year 2021, 2022
Transmission N/A
Drive 4WD
Sedan N/A
Power reserve 502 KM
History N/A
Stock id 2100

Description of the BYD Yuan Pro electric car

The BYD Yuan Pro electric car is the reincarnation of the hit BYD Yuan EV535 and largely repeats it. Produced in 2021 and only in an electric version. The manufacturer sought to make the Yuan Pro cheaper compared to the EV535 and therefore equipped it with a less powerful motor and inverter, which caused some dissonance because the word “about” usually promises something more. But he provided it with an iron phosphate battery.

Specifications of BYD Yuan Pro

Yuan remained almost the same in size – beautiful and convenient in the city 4375 × 1785 × 1680 (L × W × H). The radius of the wheels has decreased by an inch – it became 205/60 R16 for all trim levels.

One of the significant differences in the BYD Yuan Pro is now a lithium iron phosphate battery instead of a lithium-ion battery with a slightly larger capacity, which ensures greater safety and durability with the same vehicle range on a single charge. However, the “cut” inverter and engine will no longer provide the same agility as in the EV 535. All Pro trim levels have the same 100 kW engine and 210 Nm torque. No other differences from the “ancestor” are observed.

BYD Yuan Pro is available in three trim levels:

Comfort. The battery capacity is 38.9 kWh, which according to the NEDC cycle promises 301 km of power reserve. Disc brakes, a basic set of assistance systems (ABS, EBD, ESP, TCS, EBA), front airbags, tire pressure sensors, cruise control, parking sensors and a rear camera only, 10.1-inch multimedia tablet, 4 speakers.

Luxury adds to the fact that Comfort has a large 50.1 kWh battery, which according to the NEDC cycle should already give 401 km of range. There are also roof rails and alloy wheels on the wheels.

Premium contains everything that Luxury has, plus: side airbags for front passengers, 360° panoramic video, sunroof, video recorder, 6 speakers instead of four, and heated and folding mirrors.

BYD Yuan Pro interior

Inside, the yuan remained the same, except that the chairs were slightly diversified. It still has the same wonderful 10-inch BYD branded rotating screen with English and Andriod on board (without Google services), 8-inch display, multifunction steering wheel, physical buttons for climate control and volume, switching Sport and Eco modes, and electronic handbrake.

There is no special sophistication in the materials – after all, the model is inexpensive. But everything is pleasant to the touch and to look at, modern and of high quality. There is nothing to scold about.

Seat heating was not delivered to BYD Yuan Pro, which does not prevent you from installing it yourself.

The trunk, as befits a car of this size, is small. All that fits is a compact baby stroller and the necessary accessories. However, the rear seats fold flat into the floor to expand cargo volume.

BYD Yuan Pro can be bought and ordered from us – in Moscow, Russia.

Total motor power (kW) 135
Total torque of motor (N·m) 280
Battery charging time Fast charge for 0.5 hours
Charging time (hours) Fast charging 0.5 hours
Percentage of quick charge 80
Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s) 4.4(50kilometre )
kilometre 160
Parking brake type Electronic parking
Wheelbase(mm) 2765
Length x Width x Height(mm) 4705*1890*1680
Wheel track front (mm) 1630
Body Structure 5-door, 5-seater SUV
Rear wheel track(mm) 1630
Maximum full load mass (kg) 2325
drive mode Lead precursor
Lead precursor Ventilated disc

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This vehicle has been inspected by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or service partner and includes additional services.

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