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BYD Song Pro EV

Fuel type Electric
Engine 184 PS
Year 2021, 2022
Transmission N/A
Drive FWD
Sedan N/A
Power reserve 502 KM
History N/A
Stock id 105

Description of the electric vehicle BYD Song Pro EV

The BYD Song Pro EV can be considered the younger brother of the BYD Tang EV in terms of equipment. Although it appeared earlier – the first generation could be bought back in 2015. In 2019, the series underwent a large-scale restyling and received the Pro prefix. Like many other BYD models, the Song comes in petrol, hybrid and all-electric variants. The latter is precisely designated as EV.

Characteristics of the BYD Song Pro EV electric car

The front suspension is BYD Song Pro EV MacPherson type, the rear independent multi-link – everything is as usual. The car has front and rear disc brakes with braking energy recovery.

The car is produced in an SUV body and has the following dimensions (L×W×H): 4650×1860×1700 mm, respectively. In terms of dimensions, Bee Wai Di Song is close to the Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander. The appearance has the signature “Dragon Face”, like other modern models of this automaker. The appearance was designed by the same chief designer of the brand, Wolfgang Egger.

BYD Song Pro EV comes in four trim levels, all with front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is not provided.

Comfort – basic version with 120 kW engine and 59.1 kWh battery (405 km NEDC range). 18″ wheels, electronic stabilization (ESP), ABS, brake force distribution systems, traction control, descent and ascent assistance, auto parking, and other basic assistance. Only rear parking sensors, heated rear window and mirrors are available. The rotating display measures 10.1″. LED headlights are already available in this basic version.

The Lux has the same power and range characteristics, and is only slightly different. The wheels already have a diameter of 19″. The body is equipped with a sunroof, and the interior is equipped with wireless phone charging. One of the nice additions is remote start.

The Premium again has the same power and range characteristics, but is already significantly different. A large assortment of electronic aids has been added: adaptive cruise control, collision warning, cornering speed control, emergency braking assistance, pedestrian detection, lane keeping, sign recognition, light adjustment. Side airbags appear for rear passengers. The camera here already provides a 360° image, and parking sensors control the space in front of the car. On the plus side, heated front seats, ambient lighting and an electric tailgate are added.

The flagship boasts a 135 kW engine and a 71 kWh battery (promises 502 km of range). Therefore, we recommend purchasing this version. Compared to the Premium, more electronic assistants have been added here: blind spot monitoring, side collision warning when moving backwards, and rear impact warning. The diagonal of the rotating screen increases to 12.8″, the audio system gets 9 speakers and surround sound, the front seats also become ventilated, and the interior gets Nappa leather trim.

Interior of BYD Song Pro EV

The interior of the BYD Song Pro EV electric car is most interesting in the top-end configuration. The only thing that distinguishes it from more expensive models is that it is designed more for the driver, and not for the rear passenger. Hence the heating and ventilation only in the front, and nothing can be controlled from the rear. The result is a wonderful family car.

Multimedia is traditionally excellent for BYD: excellent sound and a large screen for any need. Ambient lighting will create the right mood.

You can buy BYD Song Pro EV here in Russia, Moscow. We usually deliver to order, but we also have them in stock.

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