Many government policies support them. Their facilities are expanding. This is driving the growth of new energy vehicles. They are becoming increasingly popular, especially long-range electric vehicles. These options can meet all travel needs and save money. They are becoming increasingly popular. Popular with everyone. This series strongly recommends purchasing several 200,000-class pure electric vehicles for everyone.


Official guide price: 179,800-299,800 yuan.

BYD is the world’s first car company to announce the end of fuel vehicles. They will concentrate on creating new energy vehicles. Its new energy models have the most comprehensive range of any car company. At this price point, we recommend the BYD Han EV, a flagship model from the Dynasty family. You can purchase the Honor Edition 605KM Premium model for around 200,000 yuan at a low price. This car is a medium to large sedan. It is 4995mm long, 1910mm wide, and 1495mm tall with a 2920mm wheelbase. The interior is quite spacious.

In terms of appearance, the Dynasty family style continues. The front face is a closed design with a decorative strip used to connect the sharp light groups on both sides. The Chinese “Han” LOGO is displayed in the center of the decorative strip. It is easily recognizable. The overall appearance is majestic and stable. . The interior design remains enveloping. The fake wood on the instrument panel extends to the door trim on both sides. This makes it more seamless. It uses a lot of leather and piano paint for the decorative panels. This gives it a luxurious feel.

In terms of design, it comes with luxurious features such as a 15.6-inch central control screen. It also has a heated and ventilated driver’s seat. It has an electric tailgate. It has a mobile phone with an NFC key. It has a reversing camera and a 360° panoramic camera. It also has a VTOL mobile power station function. However, the smart driving aspect is not much different. DiLink has an intelligent network connection system and voice interaction throughout the car. It has L2 assisted driving and a remote control for driving. The driver can use an app to control the car within 10 meters. The safety system warns of lane departure, forward collision, and more. It also has regular functions such as active braking and lane keeping assist. The entire vehicle is luxurious and the ride is comfortable and enjoyable. It is a vehicle you won’t regret.

Dark blue SL03

Official guide price: 139,900-699,900 yuan.

Deep Blue Automobile’s first model, Deep Blue SL03, has put a lot of effort into it. The 200,000 class can directly access the 2023 SL03i 705 MAX pure electric version. The official pure electric range reaches an incredible 705km. This car is a mid-sized sedan. It is 4820mm long, 1890mm wide, and 1480mm tall. The wheelbase reaches 2900mm, providing ample space. The front face of the vehicle features an enclosed grille. It has split headlights on both sides. It also has a light set with a customizable lighting language. The overall appearance is futuristic and highly recognizable.

Its setup features a 14.6-inch smart rotating sunflower screen. It also features a 1.9-square-meter panoramic star screen. It has frameless doors and 360° panoramic images. It also has a transparent chassis. It has a head-up display, a driver’s seat memory, and gesture control. It also has a 3D holographic login. Other ultra-luxury configurations. In terms of autonomous driving, it has a Level 2 assisted driving system. This system has three millimeter wave radars. It also has six ultrasonic radars and one front-facing smart camera. It is equipped with four panoramic cameras and six airbags. Advanced safety features include a full-speed adaptive cruise. They also include active braking, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assist. These features ensure safety in all aspects. The design is very luxurious. It provides reassurance and comfort to people. You are correct to buy it.

Zeekr 007

Official guide price: 209,900-299,900 yuan.

The Zeekr 007 can be purchased for RMB 200,000 as an entry-level model. The official pure electric range is 688km. Although it is an entry-level model, it also boasts luxurious features. This car is a mid-sized luxury coupe. It is 4865mm long, 1900mm wide, and 1450mm high. The wheelbase reaches 2928mm, making it spacious. Appearance-wise, it is eye-catching. It was designed by the original Bentley design team. The clamshell front hatch has LED lights. You can use them to create DIY car light shapes. This gives people a luxurious car appearance.

In terms of design, it boasts luxurious features. These include a 15.05-inch control screen and a streaming rearview mirror. There is also a split panoramic canopy. It has full-automatic air conditioning in all zones. There are also heated and electrically adjusted exterior rearview mirrors. Additionally, heated front seats and active braking are available. You can get Forward Collision Warning. You can also get lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, and more. Although it is an entry-level model, it has all the necessary configurations. The driving experience is excellent and highly recommended.

These three models are highly recommended for 200,000-liter pure electric cars. They work for various scenarios. They are for luxury travel and relaxation. You are correct to buy them.