YangWang Automobile recently released the parameters of the U8. What is this car like?

How many opponents are there?

The vehicle length is 5319mm, the wheelbase is 3050mm, the approach angle is 36.5°, the departure angle is 35.4°, the longitudinal breakover angle is 25.5°, the suspension adjustment stroke is 150mm, the electric drive has a maximum power of 880kW, a maximum torque of 1280N·m, and can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in 3.6 seconds, CLTC The pure electric cruising range is 180km, the fed fuel consumption is 6.5L/100km, the fuel tank capacity is 75L, and the CLTC comprehensive range is 1,000km. Based on the above data alone, looking at the global automobile consumer market, you would say that million-level hardcore off-roaders can fully compete with it.

In terms of specific functional configurations, such as Yi Sifang technology, four motors + four-wheel torque independent vector control, all-terrain in-situ U-turn, flat tire stabilization, emergency floating, and Yunnan-P intelligence that realizes vehicle horizontal-vertical-vertical integrated control Hydraulic body control, three-level stiffness + continuous adaptive adjustment of suspension damping, 110kW DC fast charging to achieve energy replenishment from 30% to 80% in as fast as 18 minutes, CTC battery chassis integration technology, 70-inch AR-HUD head-up Display, 12.8-inch OLEDR800 Galaxy curved screen + two 23.6-inch mini LED screens for the main and passenger seats +, two 12.8-inch rear suspended multimedia screens, double-encircled star ring cockpit with symmetrical aesthetic design, 4nm 5G chip, Nappa leather seats , Sapele wood interior, smart fragrance system + compressor refrigerator, 22-speaker Dynaudio Platinum Evidence Series Hi-End audio + 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos, etc., and then as for the functional configuration mentioned above, Looking at the global automobile consumer market, do you think it can rival or even surpass most million-level hardcore off-road rivals?

BYD YangWang U8

Yangwang U8 has finally been officially launched. The first luxury version has a guide price of 1.098 million yuan. For old luxury off-road SUVs such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the new Range Rover, this price is not high, but for Chinese car brands, especially For China’s new energy vehicles, the launch of Yangwang U8 has epoch-making significance. It may be the first million-level hard-core off-road vehicle in China. This is a milestone in the era of new energy vehicles. If it were not for new energy vehicles, based on tradition, With regard to fuel vehicle technology, it may be difficult for domestically produced cars to cross the million-level threshold, are you right?

What are the advantages of Yangwang U8 using ternary lithium battery?

Yangwang U8 is an innovative electric vehicle that has gained popularity due to its efficient use of ternary lithium batteries. Ternary lithium batteries, also known as lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (NCM) batteries, offer numerous advantages that make them an ideal choice for electric vehicles like the Yangwang U8.

In conclusion, the Yangwang U8 benefits greatly from the use of ternary lithium batteries. These batteries offer high energy density, superior power output, longer lifespan, and excellent thermal stability. With these advantages, the Yangwang U8 becomes a reliable and efficient electric vehicle choice. The implementation of ternary lithium batteries in the Yangwang U8 showcases the continuous advancements in electric vehicle technology, providing users with a sustainable and enjoyable driving experience.